Sunday, 25 April 2010

Green Peril

I have been wanting to use some stitching on my cards for ages, and this is my first attempt.
Now I dont get on with machine stitching, so this is hand sewn. My mum, (who was a tailoress) taught me to embroider at a very young age as I was fascinated watching her create beautiful tablecloths and family gifts. I would spend hours with my own little embroider-hoop stitching along with mum, but I was never allowed near the sewing machine!
This was a wise decision as it turns out they hate me! When I first used one at school I thought it was quite the scariest thing I had ever laid my hands on! It kept breaking and running stitches all over the place. After repeated attempts to conquer them I have decided I'll give them a miss. I definately prefer being in control of the needle with my fingers. :D
Anyway, this is another digital stamp called Two Jill, from Mo's digital pencil. Isnt she adoreable! I coloured her with pro-markers and also made my own 'bling swirl' by drawing on acetate and then hole punching the design so I could put gemstones through. I intend to decorate the inside of the card later.


Barbara said...

alison this is just great i love how you colored her she is a fav of mine.and yeah i wish that guy Richard Armitage was around when i was single.LOL!!

Lisa and Eddy said...

I love your card! xo Lisa

elenor said...

This card is wonderful and in my favorite color too! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Kreativmonster said...

What a gogeous card! I have thought about buying this cute little image several times, but always wondered how to use it. Yours is perfect, I love the colours and the stitching is great!
I'll be back, I promise!

Lisa and Eddy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yes to your check back when you want! xo Lisa

elenor said...

Yes, it made sense, I'm following your blog on bloglovin så that I won't miss anything! =)
Thanks for visiting me! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gorgeous card :) (found you via the Sugar Nellie blog)
Anne x

Paula said...

I love your colouring & your designs. I was so surprised when I read this as I was half way through my first stitching attempt. Even odder was the fact that I had shut the computer down when I thought I should add myself as a follower, then when I next started it up found you'd added yourself as a follower of my blog!!! Thanks for your lovely comment & also for being such an encouragement for me to keep persevering with the Copics & colouring.
Paula (PEP)


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