Thursday, 31 March 2011


NOT Ophelia Hamlet !

I've just been tagged! :)  Never heard of it outside of FB lol, but I was tagged by my blogging buddy Denise.

I dont tend to share much personal info on my blog when I get awards etc, as I never know what to put or who to pass on to, but I always display the badges and feel honoured to be picked out by my friends, and on this occasion I am playing ;)

3 x Names you are known by:  Alison, Cruella from my punk past, and
'The Great Leveller' was a nickname obtained in my old job in the Police where I stood up for justice and fairness to all, and I kicked ass! ;)

3 x Places I have lived: Nottingham (born and bred) and now Scotland.

3 x Places I have worked: Nottinghamshire Constabulary (14 yrs) where I ran the Traffic Dept before moving to Scotland.   I was then very lucky to work in a fun, family run garage alongside my husband, in the most beautiful place in the world.  I have always worked in male dominated (and quite mucky environments - lol), and never dreaded going to work in my life ever - I have always found something to laugh about. :)

3 x Things I Watch:  Anything with Richard Armitage, but especially Spooks.  I also watch The Apprentice, and though I am not a big TV viewer, I am a news addict and my default channel is Sky News and am on first name terms with the lot of em! ;) lol.

3 x Things I love to Eat: - I dont have a sweet tooth, but things I could not live without - Marmite, Cheese and a good curry.

3 People to pass this onto: ......... now this is tricky, as I dont want to burden anyone, but I would like to pick:


Oh, and finally the picture.  I was 15 years old when I was taken to the Tate Gallery in London.  I stood in front of the picture Ophelia by John Everett Millais, and was literally frozen to the spot.  I stood there just gazing and staring, was completely mesmerised and literally had to be dragged away.  I thought it the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (but not my photoshopped version with me in it! lol).  I spent about 40p on a picture postcard that I still have to this day, and I also have a large version of this painting in my home.  I have looked at this picture every day of my life since. :) 

The real Ophelia: - breathtaking.

So thats a bit of waffle about me. The first and the last time! :D


KarinsArtScrap said...

well now we know something about you.
but it is diffecult I don't do that averytime.
thank for a little bit of sharing.

greetings karin

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know a bit more about you! I once(many years ago when I worked in retail) earned myself the nickname TNT because I used to 'blow everyone up' - I can't stand dishonesty of any kind and would act if I saw/heard of anything going on at work. I wasn't very popular, lol! Now I do think this painting is beautiful but it scares me at the same time! xxx

Heidi said...

So nice to read something about you! We have something incommon:)
Like you I have also always worked in male dominated places:) And yes, justice and fairness to all! I'm not a big TV viewer myself.
The picture is very beautiful.
It's okay that you tagged me:)
Hugs, Heidi:)

D K Crafts said...

Hi Alison. Thanks for sharing. The picture is very intriguing but beautiful. Often wondered where you got your blog name. Sounds like you have had an interesting job in Nottingham. Take Care. Donna

Suzilou said...

Damn you Alison :p I find these really difficult to do and like you don't share a whole lot of personal info on my blog plus my life has been pretty boring hehe. I will have a think and try and answer the questions, but at the moment I am desperatley making Mothers Day cards and about to have ago at the flowers you have been making as I have had the dies since Christmas and not used them tsk tsk :) xx

PS If I do these questions you have to have a go at a CAS card! :)

Janna Werner said...

Was so much fun getting to know you a bit better and gorgeous picutres! Both :-)
Have a great day, Alison! Janna

ike said...

Cooool - I'd love to have a go at this.... how do you do it (the Tag thingy I mean)
LOVE your photoshop pikkie of you as Ophelia. It is also one of my favourite pieces.
Very interesting to learn you were in the Police.... so was I !!!!
Great to know a little about you - good one
Ike xxxx

Sara said...

Heehee, I just saw this post =) It´s nice to know something about you ;)
So a punk past =D I would of never guess!
Beautiful picture!!!


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