Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Arrrgh, no electricity!

Just a quickie post from me today - as we have had no electricity since Monday :(

The severe storms here in Scotland yesterday, and last night have taken down trees and electricity cables nearby my home.  I am currently just one of the approx 42,000 homes across Scotland without any power, and I have no idea when we will be reconnected.

This doesnt even factor in that my satellite internet was apparently 'upgraded' on Saturday, with a marked degradation of service, and appalling low speed and frequent loss of connectivity. :( (I was not impressed at all!)

So, I have nipped out to my dads this morning, to get a warm drink, shower and to schedule my post for tomorrow.  I hope to be back with a bang as soon as possible.

Take care



Denise and Louise said...

Poor you - hope they get the power back on asap. We had pretty bad winds down here in Surrey yesterday too but nothing quite that bad.

Marion said...

Hi Alison, You have had it bad there I know. Was talking to my Dad on the phone last night and all the village was cut off, but luckily where he is in what we call the back road is on a different supply so he was ok.
Hope you can get back to normal soon.

Paula said...

Oh dear - wholeheartedly sympathize & not much fun at all. Windy & wet here yesterday too & the wind took hold of the weights holding the tarpaulin down over our partly rebuilt chimney. The sound of bits rolling over my head & the sight of Richard up a ladder with the tarpaulin threatening to lift him off the roof...... anyhow nothing as bad as what it sounds like up your end of the country.
Much love & take care.
Paula (PEP)

Kathyk said...

GOOD LUCK with that then, hope you are fully restored, electricity, connectivity - the whole shebang! soon

Take care


jackid said...

Oh Alison I saw the weather your end on the news last night so sorry to hear you have been hit I hope you get things back to normal very soon take care
Jacki xx

Tracey T said...

Hi Alison - hope you're back with full power soon! Our lights flickered a bit yesterday morning and we lost some power at school, but the 3 primaries in the town closed 'cos the power had gone. Loads of damage last night tho', stuff broken in the garden, branches down etc. Had to go to Glasgow today for a course - left home at 6.30 am, bad accident on the M77 (we had to reverse back down the motorway!!) only to be told when I got to Cadogan St. that the course was cancelled due to the volcanic ash situation (course presenter stuck in Belgium). Lousy journey back to Newton took over 3 hours. Pity you're not nearer to me - you could have come for your tea! Tracey x

Fiona said...

Hey Alison...the weather has been a bit horrendous to say the least. Lots of trees down here too but we have been lucky enough not to have lost our electricity although lots of flickering going on like Tracey. It took some of my colleagues at work 6 or 7 hours to get home as they have to go over the Forth Bridge and well as you know was closed for ages!!
Hope everything is back up and running soon.


coops said...

aw hun,i hope you are soon back up and running.take care :D

xx coops xx

D K Crafts said...

Hi Alison. Hope you get your electricity back very soon. Weather terrible here too, lots of trees uprooted, etc. Donna

Bridget said...

LOTS of rain here in Nebraska. So sorry about your bad weather Alison. Our electricity has managed to stay on but it was raining so hard last night that my Satellite TV went blank & I missed the last 10 minutes of Dancing With The Stars! Sheeze!


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